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Sergio Camacho
Sergio Camacho

Born in Madrid, Spain, Sergio Camacho defines himself as a creator in the need of expression. His first steps in art made him a promising writer, who found in music a closer way to transmit his feelings. He started his music career as a folk musician, touring around more than 40 countries with his Spanish ensemble, and soon he found in composition an unexplored and challenging path to unlock his feelings. Graduated in Music in Spain, he studied composition with Anders Flodin at Örebro University, Sweden, and in 2003 moved to England for studying an MMus at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; Agustín Fernández being his supervisor and his source of continuous inspiration. Now, after being awarded a PhD at Newcastle University, he is focused in his project of the regeneration of Spanish Lyrical Theatre through new composition. ‘Three Word Poem About Loss’, where he acted both as composer and librettist, was his first staged opera. His first film ‘The Equivocal Mirror’ has been recently premiered at the SAGE Gateshead. Sergio shares his work as a composer with his performances with Luna de Mayo. His music has been recently performed by top class artists like the Northern Sinfonia, McFalls Chamber Orchestra and Tim Garland.



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