What our audiences say  

“This is Luna de Mayo; the roots of Spanish music in evolution”
BBC Radio Newcastle

"Spanish passion never heard before in Beijing”
That’s Beijing, China
  “It’s a great show. Music and film show very deep feelings”
Robin Haywood, about “The Equivocal…”

"Their music was very beautiful... a gripping and unique performance" Grainne Foster, about “Olvido…”

   “I have always loved Spanish music; but you made me dance it!”
Katrina Ellis, about “The Call…”
“Really touching.”
Peter McFarlane, about “Olvido…”
  “Spanish voices conquer Reykjavík”
Fréttablaðið news, Iceland.
 “The film is moving but, to be honest, I couldn´t take my eyes off the band… they are fantastic!”
Juan Diego Pérez-Albornoz, about “The Equivocal…”
  “Oh it has been incredible! You the Spanish people are so emotional! I couldn’t imagine it was going to be so intense! Really lovely music and dance”
Sarah Yuin, about “Olvido…”  
“Impressive talent in voices. I love the fusion with jazz, afrocuban rhythms and even Northumbrian folk!”
David Bolton, about “The Call…”
   “Luna de Mayo explores Spanish and Latin musical heritage from their very own approach. The combined work of two talents to develop a distinct sound.”
VAMOS festival